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 xxNAME_HERExx's new clan's website

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PostSubject: xxNAME_HERExx's new clan's website   21st February 2010, 8:45 pm


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frog man
frog man

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PostSubject: Re: xxNAME_HERExx's new clan's website   15th February 2011, 2:20 am

Well xxNAME_HERExx isn't in The Uprising anymore but I am. Some of you might remember me I was in VOW for a short period of time until everyone stopped playing confrontation. Good Luck on S4 hopefully its better than Confrontation. We are looking for clans to war against and I know you got some could players here so if your interested in setting up some wars add me to your psn xANTHONYSOPRANOx or stop by Urgent Furry is the best and most legit Socom tournament site there is. VOW would give us a good fight there. Good Luck
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xxNAME_HERExx's new clan's website
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