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 scrowder on the US Military...

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PostSubject: scrowder on the US Military...   22nd February 2010, 11:38 am


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PostSubject: Re: scrowder on the US Military...   23rd February 2010, 12:39 am

While I have mixed feelings about how much of a role our government decided to take on with haiti, it is true that the marine corps isn't just all a bunch of colded blooded killers, rednecks, and drunken hillbillies that on the weekends wear sweat soaked wifebeaters with a couple of 40's (well, ok 90%... lmao).

We were actually supposed to win the hearts and minds of the iraqi population while at the same time eradicating all op4! Several patrols would simply be us throwing candy out to the children in the streets like a fuckin parade.

I got to the point where I preferred to have a pocket full of candy, because if the children were not on the streets, we all knew shit was about to hit the fan! They got what they wanted, we got what we wanted (knowing when a firefight was about to break out, or a roadside bomb was nearby), and the government got what they wanted (making the peolpe of Iraq think the marines over there actually gave a shit aout them). I guess everybody was happy..... well, as happy as hell can be... lol!!

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scrowder on the US Military...
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